Ever see a competitor's van in "your" customer's driveway...

Your Customers Wanted to Buy More from You and Send You Some Referrals…

But they can’t remember who you are.

They really liked your service. And the tech was great. Your bill even seemed fair.

But when they needed new equipment, they couldn’t remember you from the hundreds of other ads they’d seen since your visit. They tried to find an invoice, then they searched online for a bit.

So while they were searching, they found a competitor and bought from them. There goes a few thousand dollars lost from a customer you thought you had.

How’d this happen?

Why Customers Leave… or Stay

  • 55% left due to your “indifference.” They just didn’t think you cared.
  • 37% of your customers said the relationship was the most important.
  • 22% said they owned another product of yours and would buy and refer again with a relationship

So, most of your customers want some relationship to continue doing business with you… but nearly 90% of the average contractor’s marketing budget is spent chasing new customers.

No wonder customers are leaving.

A full 11% of your customer base “erodes” each year, and each one of them costs $225 to replace… only to have it happen again.

So, for every 1,000 customers in your database, nearly $75,000 per year is walking out the door… right into your competitors’ arms. No wonder it’s so hard to get to the next level.

Quit paying to replace customers you already have!

Now you can keep all the customers you’ve earned, plus their repeat purchases, referrals and positive reviews.


This kit has helped save and make fortunes for 830 of the top contractors in the U.S. What do they know that you don’t?

  • Exactly how much to invest in retention with an easy, fool-proof calculation. By the way, customer retention costs 1/8th as much as acquisition.
  • The right formula for mailed newsletters vs. email. (One absolutely kills the other, but they work even better together.)
  • How to generate more referrals from every customer, naturally.
  • Simple way to generate more positive online reviews. No programs, no software, just 1 sentence!

Included in your Kit:

  • 4 Page Report, “Follow the Path to Get More Customers”
  • Customer Retention Newsletter Sample
  • 20 Minute No-Cost Consultation Certificate
  • Free Subscription to the Sales & Marketing Insider

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